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网页Authorisation of Plant Protection Products. Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 is the legislation concerning the placing of plant protection products (PPPs) on the market in the European Union. PPPs (also referred to as 'pesticides') are products in the form in which they are …



Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 of the European Parliament an…Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 of the European Parliament an…EU Pesticides Database - Food SafetyDatabases of registered PPPsEUR-Lex - 32009R1107 - EN - EUR-Lex根据热度为您推荐•反馈

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网页 · There are various ways to obtain an authorisation for a new plant protection product. You will find a brief explanation for the possible procedures below. In this …

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网页About the topic. Plant protection products are widely used in agriculture to protect the growth of crops and eradicate pests. They are strictly regulated in the EU. This scientific opinion …


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